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One mistake most customers make is basing their decision on purchasing a furnace solely on price and not on the quality of the equipment. Before you make the same mistake, we encourage you to become an educated consumer and view the information below on the various furnaces available from American Standard.

American Standard furnaces will bring fuel efficient warmth to your home. They only manufacture units that have an AFUE rating between 80% and 96.7%. This means that a minimum of 80% of the fuel you pay for will actually be converted into fuel or heat for your home. Each model is designed to provide the maximum heating options for the minimum fuel usage. Their top of the line models will reduce temperature swings and short cycling. They divide their units into categories; Ultimate, Premium and Contemporary.

Air Conditioning

Stay cool and save a comfortable amount of money with American Standard's line of Allegiance® air conditioners. 

Our air conditioners range in efficiency from 13 to 20+ SEER — among the highest efficiency ratings in the industry. The Allegiance® family offers a wide range of comfort choices, plus exclusive state-of-the-art technology that quietly, meticulously and efficiently conditions your air. Get ready for a level of comfort you and your family may never have experienced before.



With an American Standard Comfort Control, you’ll always be in the comfort zone – whether your home or away. Depending on your family’s schedule, easy-to-understand and navigate controls allow you to automatically adjust the temperature in your home.

Program your system to save energy when you leave, switch on when you return, and make it cooler or warmer at night when you sleep. And to make you even more comfortable, some thermostats have a built-in humidity sensor to help reduce moisture in the air. Programmable controls give you the exact home climate you want – exactly when you want it. It’s like being a weatherman… only being right all the time. We also use Honeywell IAQ 2 wireless thermostats.


Air Cleaners

We use American Standard Accuclean, Honeywell F300, Trion Electronic Air Cleaners, and Aprilaire 700a Humidifiers.








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