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5 Tips for Staying Warm in Cold Weather

Illinois weather this weekend will be cold. Stay safe, and stay warm. Weathermen have all sorts of expressions to explain fairly simple things. If you live in northern Illinois, you know all about weathermen. You also know all about fairly simple things – like the kind of cold, exacerbated by wind chill, that can make you feel as though someone… View More


Heating in Illinois in December

Cold is a killer. When it feels like the Arctic outside, make sure indoors is comfortable. Our name is Climate Control Services, but don’t let that fool you; there’s nothing we can do about changing the weather. This weekend is going to be a stunner. Have you checked the mercury today? It’s zero degrees out there. And that’s… View More


There’s snow on the ground! How’s the furnace?

When winter returns, you know you were wise to check the furnace. You didn’t check the furnace? Oh. Well, look; it’s only been five inches of snow this year but this is Illinois, so it’s going to get worse before it gets better, right? And if there’s one thing you want, it’s to share a nice, warm home with your family as the snow… View More


The Cheapest HVAC service isn't always the best move

Quality Over Price There’s a guy we know who’s been a salesman for as long as we – or he – can remember. He is often entertaining, has a lot of stories (as you expect from salespeople), and when he talks to you he makes you laugh. Often. As you also expect from salespeople. One of the things he insists on is that, if… View More


HVAC you can rely on

Rely on Climate Control Services and Chicago Cubs to get the job done! Well, they did it. It took 108 years, but they did it. The Cubs have won the World Series. We haven’t fully taken it on board yet. Probably you haven’t, either. We’ll be telling our great-grandchildren about this day. Those who made the journey… View More