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Furnace Repair

Furnace repairs you can do yourself – and some you Can’t Not everything that goes wrong with a furnace means you have to call for professional help. There are things everybody can do for themselves, and there are other things that anyone reasonably handy can do – and then there are the times when you need us. Let’s take a look at… View More


Stay Friends With Your Furnace

The furnace is your friend. Don’t let it become an enemy When you live in Illinois, you develop a close relationship with your furnace because the furnace stands between you and a very cold winter. It’s a good idea, then, to stay on good terms with your furnace. We don’t mean treat it like a pet – don’t offer it carrots, or put down a… View More


HVAC and the Internet of Things

Tomorrow is coming fast, but HVAC still needs attention At Climate Control Services, we don’t usually talk much about science fiction. We are more interested in what our customers need, and how we can best meet those needs and give customers what they want. And the… View More


HVAC: Unraveling Mysteries

HVAC: How Air Source Heat Pumps Work Most of the heat pumps you’ll see are splits: they have an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. Occasionally, you’ll come across a packaged system where everything – compressor, condenser, coil and fan – is in a single (outdoor) cabinet. Heat pumps do two jobs, at least in Illinois… View More


Part Replacement Of Split A/C Systems

Things To Look Out For When Replacing Part Of a Matched A/C System Split air conditioners have an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit is on an outside wall near the space to be cooled and houses the compressor and the condenser and expansion coils. The indoor unit contains a cooling coil, blower and air… View More