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How to get the best out of zonal heating systems

Zonal Heating System

Zonal heating – what it is and why you need it When central heating first came in, the usual system had only one thermostat. In private homes it would frequently be in the hallway and it would be set, not at the temperature the family wanted the hallway to be at, since there wouldn’t… View More


Should I hire someone to repair my A/C?

When is it okay to repair your own air conditioner and when do you really need a pro? The answer to this question depends, to a great extent, on who asks it. If you have good D-I-Y skills, feel comfortable using tools and have a healthy and informed respect for electricity, then the answer will be twofold: For some kinds of… View More


What distinguishes one furnace filter from another?

Furnace Filter

Types; life expectancy; efficiency rating. Everything you need to know about your furnace’s filter There are some costs you can’t get away from. But some are optional – you only incur them because you overlooked something. Repairing furnace damage that came about because a filter wasn’t… View More