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SEER standards and how they affect Illinois

New SEER standards can help you improve living conditions and cut operating costs SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and refers to the performance of air conditioners. New air conditioners must be manufactured to reach a minimum SEER level, which varies according to where in America the system is to be installed. The… View More


Why summer is better than winter for servicing the furnace

Winter will be here before you know it. Get that heating system maintained now – before you need it. Here we are in July and at six in the morning the temperature is 75 degrees. By early afternoon, it’s going to be in the mid 90s. And we’re talking about winter? Get outta… View More


The growth of ductless HVAC

What is ductless air conditioning and when is it the right choice? First, a word of caution. When we don’t recommend going ductless, it isn’t because we have the ability to cut sheet metal on site and we want to use it. Ductless air conditioning is not for everyone and nor is it for every location. There are disadvantages,… View More


How much should an air conditioning system cost?

Budget is one important factor – but what else goes into arriving at choosing the right system for you and fixing its price? How much should an air conditioning system cost? It’s a question we hear a lot, being in the business we’re in, and it’s really very difficult to answer. We do… View More


How to get the best out of zonal heating systems

Zonal heating – what it is and why you need it When central heating first came in, the usual system had only one thermostat. In private homes it would frequently be in the hallway and it would be set, not at the temperature the family wanted the hallway to be at, since there wouldn’t… View More