AC Repair

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Should I hire someone to repair my A/C?

When is it okay to repair your own air conditioner and when do you really need a pro? The answer to this question depends, to a great extent, on who asks it. If you have good D-I-Y skills, feel comfortable using tools and have a healthy and informed respect for electricity, then the answer will be twofold: For some kinds of… View More


The growth of ductless HVAC

What is ductless air conditioning and when is it the right choice? First, a word of caution. When we don’t recommend going ductless, it isn’t because we have the ability to cut sheet metal on site and we want to use it. Ductless air conditioning is not for everyone and nor is it for every location. There are disadvantages,… View More


SEER standards and how they affect Illinois

New SEER standards can help you improve living conditions and cut operating costs SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and refers to the performance of air conditioners. New air conditioners must be manufactured to reach a minimum SEER level, which varies according to where in America the system is to be installed. The… View More


The Cheapest HVAC service isn't always the best move

Quality Over Price There’s a guy we know who’s been a salesman for as long as we – or he – can remember. He is often entertaining, has a lot of stories (as you expect from salespeople), and when he talks to you he makes you laugh. Often. As you also expect from salespeople. One of the things he insists on is that, if… View More


Air Conditioning Repairs

If you think you’re A/C might need attention, don’t leave it! We’re just coming out of winter, and the furnace is now becoming a topic of the past. You might have been wondering how efficient your furnace is, and whether or not it’s keeping you and your family warm. Even today, when we are well into April,… View More


Get Ready for Next Summer with an A/C Tune-Up Now

It is the dog days of summer. As the temperature outside climbs to 90F and above, we are all definitely giving our air conditioning units a workout to stay cool inside.  But now that mid-summer is here, it’s time to start thinking about the season change. Once we start sliding into fall, it’ll be time to pack up A/C units and crank up the furnace. This… View More