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How much should an air conditioning system cost?

Budget is one important factor – but what else goes into arriving at choosing the right system for you and fixing its price? How much should an air conditioning system cost? It’s a question we hear a lot, being in the business we’re in, and it’s really very difficult to answer. We do… View More


Should I hire someone to repair my A/C?

When is it okay to repair your own air conditioner and when do you really need a pro? The answer to this question depends, to a great extent, on who asks it. If you have good D-I-Y skills, feel comfortable using tools and have a healthy and informed respect for electricity, then the answer will be twofold: For some kinds of… View More


SEER standards and how they affect Illinois

New SEER standards can help you improve living conditions and cut operating costs SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and refers to the performance of air conditioners. New air conditioners must be manufactured to reach a minimum SEER level, which varies according to where in America the system is to be installed. The… View More


Building Energy Management Systems Aren’t Just For Giants

The savings from intelligent HVAC systems are for us all to share Building energy management systems (BEM) have been around for ten years or more but were mostly restricted to large facilities where they produced big cost savings and allowed management a better understanding of what went on in… View More


HVAC: Unraveling Mysteries

HVAC: How Air Source Heat Pumps Work Most of the heat pumps you’ll see are splits: they have an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. Occasionally, you’ll come across a packaged system where everything – compressor, condenser, coil and fan – is in a single (outdoor) cabinet. Heat pumps do two jobs, at least in Illinois… View More


HVAC and the Internet of Things

Tomorrow is coming fast, but HVAC still needs attention At Climate Control Services, we don’t usually talk much about science fiction. We are more interested in what our customers need, and how we can best meet those needs and give customers what they want. And the… View More