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Why Climate Control Services is the HVAC company for you.

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Air-conditioners go wrong time to time that is why regular ac servicing is a must. We wish they didn’t, but they do. If yours is on the fritz, you need to get it serviced. If you’re in northern Illinois, we’d like you to use Climate Control Services, partly because servicing air-conditioners is part of our work, but also because we’d like to be sure that you get the best job you possibly can. A Climate Control Services job. Nevertheless, we realize you have a choice, so here are a few things you might want to think about while you’re exercising that choice.

  • Are their technicians licensed? Bonded? Insured? And are they certified by NATE?
  • Is HVAC their central business? There are plenty of handymen who can do bits of the HVAC jigsaw, but you need someone who knows the whole puzzle. Inside out.
  • How long have they been in business, what sort of testimonials do they attract, and have they ever had a complaint registered against them with the Better Business Bureau?
  • Who owns them? The great benefit of a family-owned business is that the owners live where you live. They shop where you shop. Their children go to the same schools and colleges as yours. They have a vested interest in not screwing up.
  • Do they give you a written quotation before starting work, and do they come out and visit the site in order to give that quotation?
  • If you need an emergency callout at 2 o’clock on Sunday morning, is that part of their business deal?

Those are the questions we think you should be asking. And once you have the answers, if you’re in northern Illinois, we believe that you, too, will want your business to be with Climate Control Services.