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Reliable AC Repairs

Got an A/C problem? That’s okay, we can fix it. But, before you call us out, here’s a couple things to check. Just to make sure you really need a techie on site.

And, first, one you must leave to us. We often see advice that says, “If you’re losing coolant from your A/C, top it up.” Well, don’t. It’s true, a lack of coolant will cause your A/C to lose cooling power, but it happens for one of only two reasons: either the system was installed without enough coolant (shame on the installer) or the system is leaking – and, if you have a leak, we need to find it and fix it and we need to do those things right away. And then we need to charge the system with the absolutely right, manufacturer-defined, level of coolant. Topping up simply masks a problem that may be serious. Apart from which, it’s illegal. Refrigerant is a hazardous substance and the law says anyone handling it must be certified under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act.

The things you should look at before picking up the phone:

  • Is the thermostat correctly set? (Just think how you’ll feel if our guy turns up, adjusts the dial and says, “Had a visit from the grandchildren recently?”)
  • Is anything obstructing the flow of air to and from the air conditioner? A tree that’s been steadily growing; a closed window that should be open; a curtain where no curtain should be?
  • Is the drain carrying water away from the unit properly? Or is something blocking it?

Okay, that’s really the sum of what anyone other than a skilled D-I-Yer should take on unaided when the A/C is on the fritz. So, if the problem isn’t caused by one of those things, call us. Our technician will diagnose the fault, explain what the problem is, and tell you how much it’s going to cost to fix it – before starting work.

If you’re anywhere near Elgin, Illinois, you can count on us. We’ve been fixing air conditioners for more than 20 years. We’re locally owned. We know and understand every make and model of A/C there is. And our technicians are NATE certified, undertake regular on-the-job learning and retraining programs, and are fully bonded.

You have a problem. Climate Control Services can help you make sure it doesn’t turn into a disaster.