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How do you find the best A/C contractor?

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It’s very important to choose the best air conditioning equipment for your home or business but it's also important to choose the best AC contractor you can find!

Here are some tips on finding the ideal A/C Contractor:

  • What do their customers say about them? If you ask for a referral, does their name come up? Do they have good testimonials on independent sites like Google?
  • How do they fare with the Better Business Bureau? Ideally, you want someone who’s never had a complaint in 20 years of business (like Climate Control Services), but sometimes a complaint isn’t all it seems, so if you do find one, check
  • How good are their technicians? Really, you should insist on every one of them being certified by NATE (North American Technician Excellence) – as ours are. If you’re not offered that reassurance, ask for some evidence to persuade you that these guys are up to the job
  • Do they always come out on site to take a look at the setup before they offer you a quote? Beware of people who tell you, on the phone or online, what it’s going to cost when they haven’t even seen what you have or assessed what you need
  • When they get there, do they quote a figure off the top of their heads? Or do they begin by examining the home or the office, checking the number of cubic feet they’re dealing with, and discussing with you exactly what sort of performance you want this system to deliver? In other words, does it seem as though it’s you that is most important? Or some equipment they happen to have spare and want to unload on the unsuspecting?
  • Do they want to know what other problems you’ve had in the past? And do they offer any suggestions about why that might have happened?
  • If they’re going to carry out installations for you, and especially if those installations include new ducting, do they undertake to do the sheet metal work on site and to remove all old and unused metal and packaging (and anything else) when they leave, without extra charge?
  • And speaking of charges, do they give you a firm written quote setting out everything they’re going to do and what it’s going to cost? And do they walk you through the quote, explaining why each part is necessary?

If you were able to answer every one of those questions positively, you’ve got yourself a good contractor.

If you answered them all positively and you live in northern Illinois, chances are you’re already dealing with Climate Control Services.