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A/C is an essential part of living in Illinois. Here’s how to have yours repaired properly.

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It’s easy to think, in an Illinois winter, that air conditioning is a luxury we can do without. It isn’t – it’s essential. When we get to summer, the temperature will be in the 80s and humidity around 70%. There are a number of things most of us could learn to do without, before we let our A/C be taken away. But A/C only works properly when it’s regularly maintained. That makes the unit last longer, too, so there’s a double reason for looking after it properly.

It doesn’t all depend on professional HVAC technicians. There are some things you can do yourself.

  • Change the filter regularly. And regularly means about once a month. You’ll burn less electricity, so you’ll have a lower utility bill, and your air conditioner will last longer.
  • You don’t need a trained technician to make sure the coils and the fins on your air conditioner stay clean and that any obstructions (like dead leaves) are removed. And nor do you need to call someone out to trim those shrubs you planted to hide the unit. Shrubs are lovely, but not when they get so close that they obstruct the flow of air.
  • Check the ductwork. And the doors and windows. Are the ducts open? And the doors and windows sealed, to prevent air flowing in the wrong places?

When you’ve done those things, you still need an annual service, and you should make sure that the people you book it with only send professional HVAC technicians who are NATE certified.

And that is also the kind of people you need when something goes wrong between services, the A/C isn’t working properly, and those DIY points we listed above haven’t fixed the problem. If you’re in or anywhere near Elgin, Illinois, Climate Control Services are the people you need.