Air Conditioning Tune-Up

It’s spring, so get you’re A/C in prime condition.

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In 1835, the English poet Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote, “In the spring, a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” Well, maybe. But Tennyson didn’t live in northern Illinois, and they didn’t have air-conditioning in 1835. We prefer to think that it’s around this time of year that the thoughts of everyone where we live (and not just young men) turn to tuning up the air conditioning. Because something else about the 1830s is that they didn’t care as much about perspiration as we do now. People were a bit smelly, if you want the honest truth.

Yes, of course, you can leave the air-conditioning alone until something goes wrong and get it fixed then; the disadvantages to that approach are:

  • It tends to be losing efficiency for quite a long time before you notice it, and inefficient air-conditioning puts your energy costs up while reducing your comfort levels
  • When you do get it fixed, chances are the problems are much bigger than they needed to be, and repair comes with a bill of matching size

There are things you can do for yourself, but to be frank they are limited. When Climate Control Services carries out a tune up on an air-conditioning system, there are nearly 30 steps in the process. It will be done by a NATE-certified technician, which means it will be done right, and the cost will probably be covered in the coming months by the amount you save on energy costs.

So give us a call, and forget about Alfred Lord Tennyson. He knew nothing about condenser coils and thermostats. It’s a good job he had a private income because he probably wouldn’t have impressed the examiners at NATE. They’d have had him out the door before you could say, “Is that outlet blocked?”