Air Duct Cleaning

Let us help clean your air ducts so that it gets done correctly!

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Cleaning your air ducts is not something that needs to be done routinely – but when you need it, you need it, and it’s overlooked too often. This is when you should think about it:

  • When your home has undergone remodeling or renovation. Were the ducts sealed while the work was going on? If so, you’re probably all right; if not, there may be debris in there that needs to be removed.
  • If you can see mold around the ducts, they and the rest of the HVAC system need to be cleaned.
  • If, when you clean the registers (and that is something you should be doing regularly, you see debris and/or dust, or smell unpleasant odors, there’s probably something in there that needs to be got out.
  • If animals (or even birds) have found their way into your ductwork, they must – obviously – be removed. When that’s been done, the ducts should be cleaned.
  • Finally, if someone in the family has an illness that is usually allergy related, you’ve tried everything else and nothing seems to work, consider having the ducts cleaned. That may be where the problem lies.

Duct cleaning requires special blowers, vacuums and cleaners if it’s to be done right, and the work should involve all ducts as well as the whole system. You won’t need it often – indeed, you may never need it – but, if you do, call Climate Control Services and get it done right.