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Cheap HVAC services can cost you more in the long run.

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Like most places in the United States, Chicago requires HVAC installers to be licensed. So do Cook County and Kane County, which means that a license is required everywhere we operate. There’s a good reason for that; installing HVAC (and maintaining and repairing it, for that matter) mean working with electricity, working with dangerous gases and buying and installing equally hazardous refrigerants (which, without a license, you can’t buy, even if you tell the people selling them that the installer will have a license).

So one of the most obvious ways of getting HVAC on the cheap – buying cut-price equipment and installing it yourself – isn’t possible, unless you plan to break the law. What’s more, the manufacturer’s warranty is almost always voided if the equipment has not been installed by a certified, licensed installer approved by the manufacturer.

That doesn’t mean that HVAC has to be expensive. Climate Control Services is a family-owned company; everyone connected with it lives right here in northern Illinois and we have always respected the needs of the people we live and work among. We provide very high quality advice, focused on getting you the system that most fills your needs at the best possible price. Those are our aims and we think our customers would tell you you can rely on us to meet them.

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One thing we do suggest, though: check out the Illinois ENERGY STAR® Appliance Rebate Program, which just could prove to be the way to get the reliability you need with the savings you’d like to make.