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What does it take to be HVAC experts?

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At Climate Control Services, we consider ourselves experts at what we do. But what does that mean? What does it take to be HVAC experts? Well, we think these are the most important things – and we base this not only on what people in our own industry say, but on what we hear from customers:

  • Speed of response. Someone living on her or his own arrives home at 10 in the evening after a hard day and finds the air-conditioner is blowing hot air. Imagine spending an August night like that! What the customer wants is instant call out and a quick fix. That’s being expert: expert at meeting the customer’s real needs.
  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of all the HVAC equipment in the region, so that the technician who calls can diagnose the fault straightaway, decide what needs to be done, explain it in words the customer can understand, and – on the spot – quote a firm price so that the customer knows what it’s going to cost before the work starts.
  • Tidiness. Our work often involves delivering appliances, tools and parts that are packaged. An HVAC expert who cares about the customer will take the packaging away, leaving everything clean and neat. The same expert will also remove aluminum left over after (expert) cutting of the duct work that the installation called for.
  • An understanding of people. At Climate Control Services, we don’t see a customer as a walking ATM. What we see is someone who lives in our neighborhood, has the same concerns as we do, and needs our help. Help we are always delighted to give.

That may not be the textbook definition of a climate control expert but, at Climate Control Services, it is ours.