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Lend an ear to you’re a/c unit.

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When you switch your air-conditioning on, just pause and stand there for a few moments listening to it. Is it silent in operation? It is? Really? Well, that’s bad news, because air-conditioners make a noise; the only time they are completely silent is when they either have not been switched on or have been switched on but aren’t working.

Is it, on the other hand, very noisy? That’s also bad news, because that probably means that it is working, but not very well. It needs repair.

The best word to describe the sound an air conditioner should make is a “whirr.” Not unlike a cricket, whirring in the grass. A little louder than that, maybe – but not a lot.

Of course, there’s another way to know when your A/C isn’t working: if it’s been running for a while, and the temperature in the house is very clearly higher than the thermostat says it should be, and it isn’t dropping, then you need some work done. You need Climate Control Services.

That loud noise we talked about could be something very simple and easy to fix – litter in the ducts for example, being blown by the air the A/C is stirring. On the other hand, it could be a serious fault that needs immediate attention. What we can promise you is that, if you call Climate Control Services, you’ll get a visit from a qualified technician and a frank and honest analysis of the problem, however big or small it may be. You’ll also get a written estimate of the price before we do any work at all. And you’ll get a warranty, so you’ll know that, however much or however little you spend with us, what you get in return will be a seriously good job of work.

Not a bad return for a few moments listening to your air-conditioner.