Emergency HVAC Repair

No-one likes HVAC emergencies. But, if you have one, you know who to call

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Once upon a time, what is now Illinois was close to the equator and covered in water – a shallow sea that was comfortingly warm, like going to the Bahamas, though you might have been put off swimming by some of the creatures that inhabited that ancient sea. That didn’t really become an issue for people, because there weren’t any (people, that is) – this was several million years ago. There’s no sea outside your door now – and it isn’t warm out there, either. Is it? Mother Nature has just dumped ten inches of snow on us and, if we’re lucky, we might see a high of 21° today. That’s Fahrenheit; measure it in Celsius and it’s minus six. That’s the MAXIMUM for the day; it will be somewhat cooler during the night, but minus six is already cold. Toque and gloves weather.

But that’s all right, because this is Illinois and we all know enough to be warmly wrapped up when we step outside in December. And we have the H bit of HVAC to keep us warm indoors.

Except when…

It doesn’t matter how reliable a piece of equipment is, sooner or later it’s going to go wrong and it will need fixing. Fixing HVAC is what we do at Climate Control Services. And that includes emergency HVAC repair.

That’s why we have staff on call 24/7.

It’s why all our staff are NATE certified, trained, retrained and updated. So they’ll recognize the problem and know what to do to put it right.

And, because we’re a family owned company and our customers are our neighbors, they’ll talk it through with you and tell you what needs doing, why, and what it’s going to cost before they do a thing. Taking advantage of a cold spell to rip people off is not our style. We’ll still be here when spring comes, and we want you to still be talking to us.

So you’ll get a guarantee when the work is done, and our guarantees mean something.

No-one likes having an HVAC emergency and we really hope it doesn’t happen to you. But, if it DOES happen to you, call us.

Because we’re the guys who know what to do.