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Your furnace will be with you a long time. If it's correctly installed in the first place.

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Modern furnaces are remarkable pieces of engineering. They draw in air through a heat exchanger, heat it to just the temperature you need, and then the pump takes over to drive that warm air through the ducts into every part of your home. It doesn’t matter what fuel your furnace runs on – today’s furnaces go on working for a long time, even in the face of neglect (though neglecting a furnace is not a good idea and we don’t recommend it).

Nevertheless, nothing lasts forever and sometimes a furnace has to be replaced. If you’re anywhere in North Illinois, count on us for a first-class job. From the start of the process – sitting down with you to choose which furnace is right for you – to the time we drive away, taking all the packaging and aluminum offcuts with us, what you get from Climate Control Services will be the best possible job you could have. That’s why so much of our business comes to us because of an existing customer’s recommendation. It’s why we have those five-star ratings on Google.

Your new furnace needs to be the right capacity for your home and it also needs to fit within your budget. At Climate Control Services, we know that. We also know how to make it happen.