Furnace Installations in Northern Illinois

Summer is coming to an end. And you know what that means.

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Is that the hint of a cold wind I’m feeling?

It’s September. September made a lovely song for Frank Sinatra and Eartha Kitt, and it’s a good time to be outdoors – just as long as you’ve got something warm on and you’re prepared for all eventualities. Yes, we get those wonderful late summers, but you never quite know where you are at this stage of the year. With one exception.

The time you need your furnace to kick in is usually when it doesn’t.

When you haven’t used a mechanical device for some time, you always have that niggling concern: will it start when I need it to? Snow Blowers in December. Lawnmowers in May. And Furnaces right about… Well, right about now.

With any luck, yours is good for a few more years, but for all of us (yes, us – HVAC people have to replace theirs, too), there comes a time when you know that going into a new winter with an old furnace is a gamble too far.

In Need of a New Furnace?

Has that time come for you? If so, you know you’ll get a square deal and a fair deal from Climate Control Services. Nobody is better at helping customers to pick the right furnace for their home or office building. And, having helped choose it, we are the guys to install it for you.

Climate Control Services is family owned and family operated and our aim is to make sure you have the comfortable environment your family and your business needs. We are an American Standard installer, all our staff are NATE certified, and our business comes the way we like it to: referrals from satisfied customers.

Furnace Experts

If it’s time to renew your furnace, call us today. You won’t be rushed into any decision – we’ll work this through together – and you’ll be set for many more comfortable years and a price that won’t break the bank.