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Your Furnace is Very Important to Us

A furnace is what heats your home. But only when it’s an effective part of a working HVAC system designed to meet that home’s particular needs. Without that, all a furnace heats is air, and that can be an expensive luxury. Sometimes, the best way to improve HVAC efficiency and reduce heating bills is to install a new furnace – and that’s almost always true when the furnace is getting older. Many of us can probably remember grandparents who expected a furnace to last twenty-five years – but they didn’t have today’s DOE AFUE targets to deal with, and their idea of turning up the heating was donning a pair of long johns.

Furnace installation isn’t just a matter of taking out the old one and putting the new one in its place.

Here are some other things you can usefully look at:

  • Are the ducts leaking air? If so, you really are heating air that may be benefiting no-one. How to check the ducts? If you’re in northern Illinois, call us – we’ll do it for you.
  • Is the air balanced, room to room? When you close doors to rooms, the air pressure in each room should be roughly the same. Remember that the furnace forces air into a room through the ducts and what you really want to avoid is having such high pressure in a room that some of the air you’ve paid to heat is driven outside.
  • Is the heat exchanger exchanging heat? These devices form part of a whole house heating installation, they’re often hidden in ductwork, and they can get clogged.

Need a Furnace Expert?

There are other things that may need attention. Call us and let us take a look. The advice you get will be honest, and it may help you avoid an expensive mistake.