Furnace Repair in Illinois

What furnace repairs can you do yourself? And when do you need a call-out?

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A question most householders ask from time to time is: If my furnace goes wrong, can I fix it myself?

Yes, there are things you can do yourself and for which you don’t need to call an engineer:

  • Make sure the thermostat is on. (No, we’re not doubting your sanity, it’s just that things get knocked from time to time. Maybe it’s off; maybe the dial has been turned to a temperature that just won’t ask the furnace to fire up).
  • The furnace is controlled by an on-off switch and a circuit-breaker. It only takes a moment to check that the switch is on and the circuit-breaker hasn’t popped. All okay? Now look at the front panel on the blower motor. If it isn’t properly fastened, the furnace won’t run.
  • How’s the filter? If it’s clogged, it will prevent the furnace from running.
  • Okay, this one is a bit like asking the guy whose PC won’t work if he’s plugged it in, but – has anyone turned off the gas and forgotten to turn it back on? Because a furnace without fuel won’t run at peak efficiency. Or, indeed, at all.
  • Maybe all that’s needed is a clean-up. A bird’s nest in the exhaust flue; drain lines blocked by mold; blocked ducts; and leaves and debris around the vents will all knock out the furnace.

Climate Control to the Rescue

Even if none of those checks gets the furnace working again, you’ll still feel better for having done them – and you’ll know when you pick up the phone to us that you really do need a call-out.