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More efficient furnaces mean more efficient – and cheaper - HVAC.

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Replacing a Furnace Isn't a Bad Idea

Replacing a furnace can seem like a big cash drain. And maybe it is. But that’s not all it is. Improvements in furnace efficiency in recent years, encouraged by stricter and stricter Department of Energy (DOE) rules, mean that a new furnace will cost you money at the time it’s installed but will save you money in reduced energy bills for years afterwards as well as providing better heating from a more modern HVAC system. And, if space is tight, it’s good to know that furnaces today are the smallest they’ve ever been.

So don’t wait till your furnace breaks down before you start thinking about a replacement. Because you can bet that’ll happen when winter is at its coldest, you need a new furnace NOW – TODAY – THIS MORNING – and, of course, that’s just the time a few other people’s furnaces have also chosen as the moment to go to the great boiler room in the sky.

And here’s something you might like to think about: if your furnace is more than ten years old, installing the high efficiency furnaces we have now will boost its performance by at least 50%.

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