Furnace Thermostat

Your furnace needs a thermostat. But which?

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Every furnace needs a thermostat. Of course. But what kind? It doesn’t matter what kind of HVAC you have, or what fuel you use, there are three types of thermostat:

  • Manual
  • Programmable
  • Smart

There are pros and cons for all three – each can bring benefits if used correctly; each can cause problems if used wrongly. The question is not, “What kind of thermostat is best?” but, “Given my family with its particular needs living in this house with this kind of HVAC – which thermostat type will give me the best possible performance at the most cost-effective price?”

Climate Control Services can help you answer that question. And you can rely on us for the answer that gives maximum benefit to you, and not maximum payoff to us.

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