Furnace Tune-up

Why a professional furnace tune-up is worth paying for.

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Furnace Expertise

Most, if not all, furnace manufacturers have a clause in their warranty document that says the warranty is void if “improper” maintenance (or words to that effect) has been carried out. Many also say that the furnace should be “tuned” or “tuned up” once every year. What they don’t usually say is what that “tune up” should involve. It’s more than just a good clean with a vacuum cleaner.

Furnace Tune-Ups Are A Must

Even though you probably wouldn’t in practice lose your warranty, an annual tune-up is still worth doing, but by a professional. By professional, we mean someone properly trained, NATE certified, and employed by a company that values its reputation and makes sure that the technician tuning the furnace is not only competent but also motivated to do a good job.

A proper tune-up involves a long list of operations that need to be carried out and, while it’s probably true that there are householders who could save money by doing all of those jobs themselves, it’s probably also true that those householders are also heating engineers. (Otherwise, it’s unlikely that – quite apart from knowing how to do all the things that need to be done – they’d have the equipment to do the static air pressure checks, test the gas pressure, analyze the combustion gases to make sure they meet specification, and carry out an anti-draw test on the blower motor).

A furnace tune-up is not a waste of money – it can indicate where problems are emerging and actually save money by telling the technician when work needs to be done now to prevent a failure later. Climate Control Services has the staff with the competence, the training and the equipment to do the job properly. Don’t settle for less.