Heating Installation in St Charles, Illinois

Taking the pain out of new heating installations.

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Leave Heating Installations Up to Us

We know that a lot of people groan at the idea of a new heating installation – so here’s a thought that might cheer you up: installing more efficient heating than you currently have may reduce your energy costs by 30%. What you want, whether heating installation has become a must or you’ve decided it’s time you had a more efficient system than the one that’s served you for the last 30 years, is to know that you’re in the hands of people who:

  1. Know what they’re doing;
  2. Care about what they’re doing (not always the same thing); and
  3. Have a reputation for looking after their customers.

Another, shorter, way of saying that would be: what you need is Climate Control Services.

Why Climate Control Services?

We’ve been here more than 20 years. Most of our business comes to us either from existing customers or by referrals from existing customers, and we think that says something about how well we look after people. It’s not only customers who trust us; we’re an Independent American Standard Customer Care dealer, with more Customer Care Excellence Awards than you can shake a stick at.

Heating Installation Experts

We’ll do our best to take the pain out of heating installation, first by discussing with you the best equipment for your circumstances and then by giving the highest possible standard of installation. If there’s any metal cutting to do, we’ll do it on site. And when we leave, the place will be so tidy you’ll hardly know we were there. Except that you’ll be a lot more comfortable.