Heating Services in Illinois

Heating Services – much more than just servicing furnaces.

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It’s easy, when “heating services” are mentioned, to think we’re talking about servicing furnaces. In fact, of course, heating services involve much more than that.


Nicor Gas use us. Commonwealth Edison use us. American Standard® give us their top rating. Those things don’t happen by accident. When you’re planning to install a new furnace or extend/upgrade the one you have, you can entrust the task to us with confidence. Not only will we give you reliable advice about which brand and size is right for you, we’ll also manage the installation with only NATE-certified technicians who know the equipment inside out. And, if ductwork is necessary, we’ll cut the metal right there on site.

Maintenance and Repair

We mention these two things together because regular maintenance usually means that repairs are either much reduced or completely eliminated. Whatever the potential problem, it’s very unlikely we haven’t seen and avoided it before.


Heating systems have a finite life. We’ll help yours fulfil its destiny, but there comes a time when you need to replace it. The good news: standards have improved so much, the new system will probably save money on your utility bills from the moment it first goes in.