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There are a number of ways to design an HVAC company. You could make it a huge chain operation, with the head office far from most of the customers. Perhaps, even, in another country or on a different continent. The shareholders would be very important, and managers – who would have little or no connection with the place most of their customers lived – would be focused on keeping costs down and revenue up so that the faceless owners of the company gave them big bonuses every year. Service would be important, of course; the company would commit to responding to all emergency calls for help within a maximum of three days. Provided, of course, that the customer paid extra.

Or maybe you’d make the HVAC company a wholly-owned subsidiary of an HVAC manufacturer. Then customers wouldn’t need to trouble themselves with deciding which of the models on offer was the best furnace, the best air conditioner or the best anything in their particular circumstances – because there’d only be one of each and that would be the one on which the owner of the company made most money.

Or here’s an idea. How about an HVAC company that was owned and run by a family that lived right there in the neighborhood the company served? So the owners and the technicians would meet their customers, not just when they were at the customers’ home giving advice or fixing things, but when they were at the supermarket, or walking the dog, or watching little Sophie play soccer with the other guys. And you could keep the company independent of individual manufacturers, and make sure all their technicians were NATE certified and the company was approved and used by Nicor Gas and Consolidated Edison. And their service was so good and so reasonably priced that almost all of their business came from referrals from satisfied customers.

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