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How to choose an HVAC contractor

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You need an HVAC contractor, even if you already have heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that are giving you no trouble, because if you want to keep them that way then they need to be maintained – and, in any case, a system that is working fine today won’t always be doing so, and the time to talk about repair or replacement is when you already have someone to talk to who you know you can trust and who knows the system you have.

So, how do you choose an HVAC contractor? There are six main things to look out for:

  • Referrals?
  • Local ownership?
  • Licenses?
  • Insurance?
  • BBB Complaints?
  • Quotations free of charge/ AFTER INSPECTION?

We’ll go through those one at a time.


The very best way to know how good an HVAC contractor is, is by checking out how many existing and past customers speak highly of them. What referrals do they have? On their website, yes, by all means, and there’s probably no harm in looking at those commercial websites that charge contractors for being there and charge for referrals, too – but how about on places like Google?

Local ownership

Family ownership is always best, because the owners live among the customers they serve. They go to football games together, they use the same shopping malls, their children are educated in the same schools. Those owners have a strong interest in making sure that their service is top notch, because who wants to know that the neighbors are saying bad things about them?


Of course, HVAC contractors have to be licensed by the state. And of course they will be. But check. Okay?


Your HVAC contractor is going to be in your home or your place of business, and working on what amounts to part of the infrastructure. You’ve gone through all the other steps we are suggesting, so you know they should do a good job and you certainly know they have the capacity – but what if something does go wrong? Do they carry insurance? Well, of course they do. But – once again – check. Okay?

Better Business Bureau

Ideally, you want a contractor against whom no customer has ever made a BBB complaint. Now, we all know that there are times when a complaint is made that isn’t justified. So far, that’s never happened to Climate Control Services – in our two decades of business, we’ve never had a Better Business Bureau complaint – but you still need to check. Whatever HVAC contractor you are thinking of employing, check out that they don’t have an unfortunate BBB record.

Quotations free of obligation

Any HVAC contractor worth dealing with will come and look at the job, without charging for the visit, make a complete inspection, without charging for the inspection, and then give you a written quotation that places you under no obligation. Don’t deal with a contractor not prepared to do that.

Climate Control Services know we are not the only HVAC contractor in North Illinois. We know you have options. We work very hard to make sure that your decision to go with us is one you will never regret.