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Finding the Right HVAC Provider

Let’s start with a couple definitions.

  • HVAC. Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning.
  • Climate of Illinois. Hot and humid in summer; cool to cold in winter.

Those remind us of some others:

  • Horse.
  • Carriage.

Or how about:

  • Michael Jordan.
  • Hall of Fame.

Yes, HVAC and Illinois are inseparable twins. Which means there’s more than one HVAC installation and maintenance company in the state. So why should you choose Climate Control Services?

Well, here are some more words that go together:

  • Quality.
  • Reliability.
  • History.

Every single one of our installation and maintenance techs is NATE certified – they’ve been checked out by the independent national organization that for the past 19 years has been testing and accrediting HVAC technicians. Cowboys are eliminated. You should only ever deal with a company that sends you no-one who hasn’t been through the NATE process and certified good-to-go.

American Standard® approves us as one of their Top Rated dealers.

No complaints have been filed against us with Better Business Bureau.

We could go on. We could talk about services being 100% guaranteed; about a 99% customer referral rating; about continuous certified training, being a Nicor and Commonwealth Edison contractor, or being able to carry out sheet metal fabrication onsite, or…but where do we stop? We don’t want to bore you. If you’re looking for reliable furnace repairs, heating installation and AC Services in St. Charles, IL and the surrounding northwest suburbs, you can stop looking right now.

You found it.