HVAC Tune-Up

For safety and performance, don’t overlook the annual HVAC tune-up.

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Should you give your HVAC systems an annual tune-up. Yes, you should. But only if you’re going to have the job done properly, because otherwise you risk thinking that everything’s been taken care of when, in fact, a disaster is getting ready to bring you down to earth – either when the temperature and humidity have just reached maximum discomfort levels or when it’s so cold you expect a polar bear to knock on your door and beg for shelter.

A Tune-Up is a series of inspections, with adjustment wherever the observed results are not what in the range they should be in. Like this:

Furnace and Heating System Inspections

  • Electrical circuits
  • Thermostat calibration
  • Fan – does it turn on and off at the correct point in the cycle?
  • Is the furnace venting safely? Is it switching off safely?
  • Are there any gas leaks? How about the pressure – is that what it should be?
  • Is the auto-ignition functioning properly? And is the gas burning as it should?
  • The heat exchanger is designed to separate the warm air for circulation from the exhaust gases. So: is it doing that? And, if it turns out that it is, are those exhaust gases venting where they should be? Which is to say: outside?
  • Is this a condensing furnace? If so, is the condensate draining away properly and safely?
  • When all those tests have been done, does the temperature rise match what the equipment manufacturer says it should be?

Cooling System

  • Electrical circuits

Indoor Cooling System

  • Thermostat calibration
  • Condition of filters and blower assembly
  • Can the blower motor be reached easily for oil check and renewal?
  • Condition of drains
  • Condition of ducts
  • Does the system have zone control? If so, is it operating as it should?

Outdoor cooling system

  • Condenser; condition of:
    • Electrical connections
    • Coil
    • Fan – blade and motor
    • Cabinet

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