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Air Conditioning Repairs


If you think you’re A/C might need attention, don’t leave it!

We’re just coming out of winter, and the furnace is now becoming a topic of the past. You might have been wondering how efficient your furnace is, and whether or not it’s keeping you and your family warm. Even today, when we are well into April, we’re not expecting a high of more than 65 degrees and still most of us are using our furnace.

Maybe it’s time to remind ourselves that spring is here and summer is right around the corner. Next month we can expect to see an average high of 70 degrees. The month after that, it’ll be 80 and possibly even higher.

If your A/C is showing any signs – any signs at all – that it isn’t going to be operating at peak efficiency, best not wait till we’re all sweltering before doing something about it. The best time to be calling out an air-conditioning technician is not when half the population of the state is trying to do the same thing.

Maybe you don’t know, yet, how your A/C is going to be, because you haven’t attempted to use it yet. Fine – but think back. Did you decide, last Fall when the mercury was falling, that the air-conditioning needed attention but it could wait until it was needed again? Or is it just a long time since you last had an expert look at it?

Air conditioning repairs don’t need to cost the earth, and they’re less likely to be expensive if they are done before any problems with the system have been allowed to dig themselves in and become serious.

There are some things you’ll want to do before you call Climate Control Services. Make sure the switch hasn’t been accidentally flipped; you don’t want to call someone out, only to find that the reason the A/C isn’t cooling the house is because it’s been told not to. Check the thermostat, too, just to make sure it’s set where you want it to be.

Now, take a look outside and make sure that nothing is blocking the flow of air to the condenser. Next, ask yourself when you last changed the filter. It should be done every month, and if yours was last changed so long ago that you simply can’t remember it being done, filter replacement is now long overdue.

Do you have a window unit or units? If so, do you clean them every month? You should.

If all that fails, or if you simply realize that it’s been too long since you last had the air-conditioning serviced, call us. Whoever we send will be NATE certified; they’ll know your equipment and how to maintain it; they won’t do anything until they’ve told you what it is they plan to do and how much it’s going to cost and you have agreed. Climate Control Services is a family-owned business that has been looking after HVAC in Elgin, Illinois and it’s surrounding suburbs for more than 20 years. We live here – just like you do. It’s in our interests to make sure that people don’t start shouting after us in the street. There’s only one way to make sure of that, and that is by providing first-class service, every time we’re called on. If you check our Google ratings, you’ll see that that’s what we do.

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