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License to Chill: Is a New AC Unit Really Worth It?


Most of us have had the debate either out-loud with a family member or in our heads. It usually happens sometime around the first really hot day of the summer, sweat beading off our brows as we drink what seems like endless buckets of water to fight off the dehydration. Sometimes the debate happens in the middle of a miserably hot night as we lie awake, unable to rest because of the heat.

“Do you want to get a new AC unit?” This usually turns into the question, “Can we afford a new AC unit?” At some point there might even be a moment where you wonder, “What exactly would be the benefit of a new AC unit, other than not sweating to death?” And it usually comes around full circle with, “Do I need a new AC unit?”

Allow us to answer those questions, in order: Yes, you do. Yes, you absolutely can. More than you are probably aware of. And finally, yes, you absolutely do.

A new AC unit shouldn’t be seen as a simple luxury, but rather a key element in your comfort and your health, and in the long run, a new AC unit can actually have long term cost savings over the life of the unit. The reality is, an AC unit is more than just a machine that keeps you cool and comfy.

Cool Down for Your Health The most obvious health benefit that comes with a new AC unit is a significant reduction in stress and anger. As the mercury rises, so do the tempers and the stress, and having an AC in the home can help take the edge off that. There are far more health benefits that go beyond just staying cool. A new AC unit can help reduce asthma attacks, reduce the number of insects and parasites in the home, promote better sleeping, and in some studies, reduce the number of heart attacks.

Your Electronics Will Thank You Electronics and appliances in the home are more likely to burn out and break due to overheating than any other reason. Keeping an AC unit going in the home will keep the electronics at a reasonable temperature and reduce the risk of blowing a fuse, frying a motherboard, or killing your refrigerator from overworking in the high temperatures.

Long Term Cost Savings These aren’t your grandmother’s AC units. Growing up, AC units seemed to be hugely expensive to purchase, run, and repair. Modern AC units are less expensive to purchase, significantly cheaper to run day to day, and more reliable, meaning fewer visits for AC unit repairs. But did you know that an AC unit can actually save your family money? The average family without an AC unit in the home uses nearly eight fans in the home to fight off the heat in the summer at a kilowatt use of 9.6 per hour, roughly $1.12 an hour to run. A modern and efficient AC unit uses roughly three kilowatts per hour at a cost of only $.36. That means a daily savings of $18.24 a day. That can really add up.

Stop debating. Don’t let another summer come and go with you sweating, suffering, and waffling on getting a new AC unit. Your health, your sanity, your electronics, and your wallet will thank you.

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