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Heating in Illinois in December


Cold is a killer. When it feels like the Arctic outside, make sure indoors is comfortable.

Our name is Climate Control Services, but don’t let that fool you; there’s nothing we can do about changing the weather. This weekend is going to be a stunner. Have you checked the mercury today? It’s zero degrees out there. And that’s before you take the wind chill into account. This is no time for standing on street corners, shooting the breeze about how the Bears are going to do against the Packers on Sunday. (Did you know air that cold makes the football harder? Well, it does. And just think what it does to a receiver’s hands).

You want worse news? Here it is 🙁

The winter advisory that takes effect this afternoon (Friday) says we’re looking at steady snow from the west, anything up to eight inches, and then – joy of joys – the snow will transform to what the weather boys call a “wintry mix.” That’s a mixture of freezing rain and sleet as well as snow. Sunday temperatures will have a hard time getting over zero, but it won’t feel like zero – the wind chills of up to minus 25 will see to that. Oh, boy.

As we say, we can’t change the weather – at least, we can’t change how it feels outside. Inside, though, is another matter. You need all your heating apparatus in prime condition right now. Furnace working perfectly, vents clear, pump shifting warm air to all corners, and reliability guaranteed. This is no time for an HVAC hiccup.

If you have any heating problems, or even if you think you might be about to have them, don’t delay. Cold kills. Call us. We’re on alert 24/7, our technicians are trained to the max, we’re the guys to solve your troubles fast. So pick up that phone and let’s get you out of trouble.

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