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There’s snow on the ground! How’s the furnace?


When winter returns, you know you were wise to check the furnace.

You didn’t check the furnace? Oh. Well, look; it’s only been five inches of snow this year but this is Illinois, so it’s going to get worse before it gets better, right? And if there’s one thing you want, it’s to share a nice, warm home with your family as the snow gets deeper and the winter gets colder.

Christmas is just under three weeks away and we all enjoy those songs about chestnuts and open fires but, even if you actually have an open fire, you don’t want to be huddled around it afraid to move very far because anywhere outside the charmed circle of that fire is Cold with a capital C. You want every corner of the house to be warm, so the pipes don’t freeze and neither do the kids.

Don’t Wait Until Something Breaks

Even if the furnace runs like a trouper all through the winter, it’ll cost you less if it’s running at peak efficiency. And furnaces run at peak efficiency for the same reason spouses do: because they get lots of TLC – Tender Loving Care.

So, if you’ve got any concerns AT ALL about that furnace, or even if you haven’t had it checked over for a while and you think maybe a few dollars on a service check now could save you a heap of fuel costs as winter proceeds, get us out there to take a look at it.

Call Climate Control Services because the technician we send will be NATE certified, well trained and qualified. You know the reason we get all those 5 star ratings is because we give excellent service, always tell you what it’s going to cost before we do anything, and will never say you need a service when, really, you don’t.

Get in touch. The only thing we like as much as we like being warm is knowing our customers are warm, too.

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