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Get Ready for Next Summer with an A/C Tune-Up Now


It is the dog days of summer. As the temperature outside climbs to 90F and above, we are all definitely giving our air conditioning units a workout to stay cool inside. But now that mid-summer is here, it’s time to start thinking about the season change. Once we start sliding into fall, it’ll be time to pack up A/C units and crank up the furnace. This means that often A/C units are put into storage or HVAC systems sit idle for months without a proper inspection and cleaning first.

Routine maintenance on air conditioners is key to ensure your expensive equipment continues to function at a high level for years to come. Setting up an inspection, cleaning, and maintenance with a qualified HVAC tech now is also perfect timing! The demand is low so it’s fast and easy to schedule and sets you up well for next year.

Why should you have your A/C unit tuned up now?

  • Give them a spruce. We like to used the analogy of boats. If a boat is going to be put into storage, it needs to have be prepared to ensure it’ll survive on dry land. Without doing this, it can be incredibly expensive to get the boat back in shape and ready to head out onto the water. HVAC units are similar. They get dirty with use as air is pumped through them. Cleaning now can help keep units in prime condition instead of sitting caked in grime and unused for months. Instead of letting your HVAC unit go dormant for the winter where it could possibly rust or fall into disrepair, a tune up now can save a lot of hassle later.
  • Ensure they have proper maintenance. Just like with a car and oil changes, your A/C unit needs regular maintenance even if it appears to be working just fine. This gives a qualified technician the chance to look over every inch of your equipment and fix any small problems before they become big issues down the road.
  • Reduce your cooling bill. Without regular maintenance your A/C unit just simply won’t run at its peak performance. What does that mean? A drain on electricity as your unit strains to do its job, which can spike power bills. Prepping your appliance for winter dormancy is a great way to ensure it’ll be in good shape for next summer.
  • Extend the life of your A/C. A well-maintained air conditioner will last much longer and perform better than an air conditioner that struggles to cool through a layer of dust and grime. Not to mention that finding and fixing small problems now is much cheaper and easier than investing in a new cooling system replacement.

The great news is that now is the perfect time to schedule your air conditioning maintenance. You will be ready to go next year when the weather starts to heat up again and avoid the early summer rush of repair calls HVAC techs get. This is especially important for anyone with young children, elderly folks or anyone susceptible to heat living in their homes so you can be sure the temperature stays safe.

If you’re in the greater Elgin, Illinois area, consider booking an appointment with Climate Control Services. We are a full heating and cooling service company with over 20 years of experience. All of our installers and service technicians are factory trained, familiar with all models, and certified to handle all types of refrigerant. Needless to say, whatever cooling system you’re using, we’ve seen it and we’ve fixed it before.

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