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The Dangers of Electric Space Heaters in Elgin, IL

Space Heaters in Elgin, IL

Many people use space heaters to add warmth to drafty, chilly homes in Elgin, IL. However, these small appliances pose several safety risks, even when you think you’re using them correctly. If you use a space heater to supplement your home’s heating, here’s what you need to know to keep you and your family safe.

They’re Fire Hazards

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission< (CPSC), electric space heaters cause 1,700 household fires annually. Between 2017 and 2019, an average of 70 deaths occurred from these fires. These appliances become fire hazards when:

  • Placed too close to combustible materials like bedding, curtains, and furniture
  • Plugged into extension cords or power strips
  • Left on overnight or when no one is in the house

They Increase the Risk of Hyperthermia

Hyperthermia happens when the body’s temperature overheats. Placing a portable electric heater in a small area can cause the room’s temperature to increase to dangerous levels quickly for some individuals, causing them to become dehydrated and experience heat stroke-like symptoms. Children, seniors, individuals with sensory issues, and those with diminished physical and mental capabilities are most at risk of hyperthermia.

What to Do If Your Home Is Too Chilly

If you have a chilly home, the problem might be furnace maintenance-related. When was the last time you changed the filter? A clogged filter can cause heating problems like lukewarm air flowing from your vents. Replacing the filter every 30 days goes a long way toward regulating your home’s temperature better.

Heating equipment always works better and keeps your home warmer when it’s professionally maintained. Scheduling a tune-up in the fall prepares your heating system for winter and can reduce the need for supplemental heating sources like electric space heaters. For more information about furnace maintenance and repairs, contact Climate Control Services and keep your family safe this winter!

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